we love inventing new meals and we make our own vegan meringues ( vegan chocolate fondue served without marshmellows)

we love inventing new meals and we make our own vegan meringues ( vegan chocolate fondue served without marshmellows)



Here at Des Alpes it is our mission to provide excellent quality, homemade & healthy food. We are in the process of adapting our thinking towards a more sustainable way of living and we are proud to introduce our new Vegan range.

We are continuously checking all our ingredients to make sure the dishes are 100% Vegan. We have found it's easiest to name ingredients of the dishes with non-vegan names (for example "feta") in order to describe the flavour/ texture

Please ask for daily specials, we are forever creating more ideas into yummie food!

 Breakfast & LUNCH
+ served until 1.30pm +

Triple T — Scrambled soft tofu, Turmeric, grilled tomato, avocado, Artisan sourdough Gluten free option $15.5

Rösti & Veg — Swiss style Rösti with roast vegetables and Hummus. Gluten free $12.5

Swiss toasted Muesli — With fresh fruit, coconut yoghurt, almond or organic soy milk $12.5

T.M. Rye homemade Rye topped with mushrooms, avocado, basil-feta, and roast capsicum Gluten free option  $12.5

Vegan pancakes — With banana, walnuts, maple syrup & medley of fresh fruit  $12.5

Open Avocado Sandwich — plus caramelised onions, basil-feta, pesto. Choose from homemade Rye walnut bread, Artisan sourdough, or gluten free bread $12.5

Rösti Pizzas (LUNCh & dinner)
— Using our famous Swiss style Rösti potatoes for the base and topped with mouth watering, tasty, fresh ingredients & herbs. We use Vegan coconut based cheeses. All pizzas are Gluten free

Tofu — and caramelised onion, olives, walnuts, tomato sauce, cheddar, vegan cheese sauce, herbs $15.5

Tree of life - capsicum, basil-feta, caramelised onion, avocado and walnuts, cheese sauce and herbs $ 15.5

Vegetarian — Roast vegetables, tomato sauce, walnuts, cheddar,  cheese sauce, herbs $15.5

Margherita — Tomato slices, tomato sauce, cheddar,  cheese sauce, herbs$13

Des Alpes Classics

Garlic bread — Homemade on Artisan sourdough. 2 slices $6.5

Trio of homemade dips — Guacamole, roast capsicum & Hummus served with toasted bread selection Gluten free option $12.5

Tomato soup — Smooth and juicy tomato soup served with Artisan sourdough. Gluten free option $12.5

Tofrica  — Panfried tofu in paprika, tomato, shallots, mushroom, capsicum sauce. Served with Rösti $21.5

NEW: VEGAN CHEESE FONDUE ! dip pieces of bread, crunchy vegetables and homemade pickles into warm cheesy sauce prepared with white wine, cheddar, soy, spices and garlic. Minimum 2ppl $23 pp prior notice required


Chocolate Fondue — min 2 people ~ dip fresh fruits & almonds into warm melted chocolate $ 14.5pp

Cupcakes and Desserts — please check display cabinet or ask our friendly staff for today's selection

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Did you know?  you can buy Vegan cheeses, homemade dips and Over the Moo ice-cream to take home or we deliver with -Uber Eats and -crowd delivery


German beer selection including alcohol free wheat beer

 Yalumba Verdelho, Shiraz, Merlot

Patriarche Merlot, Pinot Rose (France)


CHECK OUT OUR VEGAN SET MENU for groups! www.desalpes.com.au/functions


homemade pickles